Massage for Wholeness is the practice of Mark Torgeson, serving in historic Fredericksburg VA since 1990.
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Summer Retreat: The Embodiment of Light. A Weekend of Sound Immersion and Healing August 19-21 2016 Art of Living Retreat Center, Heavenly Mountain, Boone, North Carolina This is a universal call to gather the light tribe for a global activation in Boone North Carolina. It's time to come together with souls who also hold a desire to create a new harmonic, a new waveform of consciousness. We've been knowing this time has been upon us for quite some time. Now we gather and collectively amplify the grid. This will be a free flowing weekend with a deep immersion quality to it as we will be both guided by the star elders and focused on creating an new embodied harmonic. How do we do this? Intentionally created sound is the foundation of unblocking any fear and transforming into a greater freer flow of oneness. As we sit in sacred circle, we will call upon the elders to guide us through healing, transformational practices, toning and supported by healing sound and music. We're calling for a complete letting go of the mind as we call forth the highest energies for the embodiment of the first Global Light Center. Is this yours to do? What you will experience: Intuitive, deeping applying LtM heartfelt practices Sound immersion through crystal bowls, Toning to find your own unique voice Music to tell the story of the soul having this human experience. Hands on healing—healers helping healers transform. Engage in sacred circle where a new harmonic in community is birthed into form. Come and immerse yourself in the light, the love or who you are and amplify appreciation for the journey of a life time, the I am a 32 Star Tribal Council of Light Facilitation by Carol Fitzpatrick with music by Mark Torgeson and toning by Lucy Cartwright Retreat Page: Carol's site: Mark's site:

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