Massage for Wholeness is the practice of Mark Torgeson, serving in historic Fredericksburg VA since 1990.
Mark's Videos
Recording of the live event "Peace" at East Meets West center, designed to activate Light Codes and create expansion within the human energy system. Recorded from the event facilitated by Carol Fitzpatrick with music by Mark Torgeson. Transformative by nature, this work is uplifting, deeply moving, and speaks to the spirit of those who are on the fast track of conscious evolution. Passionate in some places, poignant in others, this music is danced by the fairies and rises up to join with the elements to invoke the human spirit to dance the highest dance and dream the most expansive vision of Self. Inherent in the fabric of this music are light codes and transformational elements designed to awaken lightworkers, starseeds, healers, crystal children, and those who have incarnated at this time to birth new consciousness and aid in the blossoming of the new earth. These are sound healing tools to clear the emotions of baggage no longer serving one; to bring in new vibrations from star realms; and to assist in integrating these frequencies. Tracks 1. Inner Landscapes of Stillness 2. Journey to Center 3. Skipping the Circle 4. Stillpoint 5. Interior Dimensions of Heart 6. Deepest Stirrings 7. Awakening Delight 8. Quiet Evening of Mirth 9. Softly Jubilant 10. Rippling Cascade of Awareness 11. Dancing the Bodhi Tree 12. Inflowing Wealth of Radiance 13. Fountains of Innermost Light 14. Enchanted Passage Recorded Live Purchase this album: Mark's site: Carol's site: Teaching Center: Mark's other music: Discounted album series: From the Composer: This music comes from many realms, many dimensions. This should not be a startling fact, because all art, architecture, music, dance and science finds its inspiration from other dimensions. Artists are adept at stepping through those portals and bringing these ideas, ethereal forms and vibrations into this dimension. This is what has happened with this music and my creation process. I have accessed realms of our star families, the nature spirits and devas, the angelic realms, the ascended master realms and our indigenous elder lineages. They all have tremendous teachings to impart, vibrationally. And we are all moving together, and coming together as the dimensional veils dissolve. There are codes within the matrix of this sound as well, designed to activate inherent knowings, dormant DNA and the Light Body. The way I see it is: there’s the sound, the music, and there is the vibrational frequency that rides on the music; sound is the carrier for these subtle but powerful frequencies. It’s a bit like coding for a computer program: you don’t see it, but it’s guiding the show. And this all goes beyond mind. You don’t have to think about this to receive the blessing and benefit. You just have to be open and flow with it! You will find in this music a plethora of vibrational tonics for many of the ailments of the human energy system. But the end result is ultimately the same: to raise your vibration and keep it high to better equip yourself with the evolving earth energies and universal energies. Here is a tool which is sublime and powerful. You don’t have to think, just feel. Drop out of your mind into your heart. As you listen you will know if there is gift here for you. If you are looking for that something extra to raise your vibrational frequency, to activate some deep inner knowing or simply to help you keep your focus and grounding in this swiftly changing global environment, this may be the key.

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