Massage for Wholeness is the practice of Mark Torgeson, serving in historic Fredericksburg VA since 1990.
Mark's Videos
For best results use a high quality stereo system or earplugs. Computer speakers and smartphone speakers give poor results with the high and low frequencies of these instruments. From the event by Mark Torgeson and Wendy Morgan at Healthy Life Yoga. Long Version. Touches on the principles of sound healing, intention, delta brainwave states, and uses of all instruments used, including gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, rattles and shakers, frame drum, didgeridoo, bells, tingshas, voice, vocal toning, mantra, bansuri, shakuhachi, native american flutes. Filmed by: Carol Fitzpatrick Website: Mark's other music:

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111 Amelia Street, Fredericksburg, VA, 22401, United States