Massage for Wholeness is the practice of Mark Torgeson, serving in historic Fredericksburg VA since 1990.
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The Montreal Fall Retreat, facilitated by Carol Fitzpatrick with music by Mark Torgeson Music: Mark Torgeson A 7-day Inter-dimensional Grid Activation and Retreat Immersion Friday August 24 - Thursday, August 30th Montreal and surrounding mountain region of Mt. Tremblant Is this Yours to Do? We are being called to this region to work with consciousness of the water element and the whales for balancing and stabilizing the planetary grid. This 7-day journey begins with activation sequences along the St. Lawerence River, including a water blessing. Then we will make our way into the oldest mountain range on earth. At the Kio-o Centre, we will engage in a deep immersion experience doing activation sacred ceremony while also offering support for the human energy system and collective light body re-calibration.

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